Dorema President Vario 350

Dorema President Vario 350
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Product Description

Another quality awning by Dorema

A truly magnificent awning designed for the caravanner who requires the ultimate in space and style. With a depth of 350 cm this luxury awning is ideal for caravanners who wish to use their awning all year round on a permanent site, or for families who require lots of useable space. By changing the position of the front panel you can obtain a depth of 240 cm plus a large porch area of 110 cm. By fitting the optional partition wall other practical layout options are available.


Depth: 350 cm or 240 cm plus 110 cm canopy
Roof material: Ten Cate coated polyester
Wall material: Ten Cate All Season heavy quality coated polyester
Front panel: Both panels can be rolled down or zipped out
Side panels: Both 240 cm panels are fitted with a door and can be zipped out
Frame: 25 mm EasyGrip steelframe, 2 extra roof support poles in size 10-12, 2 extra roof support poles and 2 extra front legs in size 13-18
Available sizes: 775-1100 cm
Available colour: Blue/grey
Weight: Size 7 approx. 49,5 kg
• 2 ventilation openings in the ridge of the front panel
• On the left-hand side you will find a flyscreen panel

Special features:
• The position of the door can be changed by switching the front panels
• The front panel can be zipped half way down to produce a verandah (verandah pole optional)
• Side panel zips are covered in matching material for extra protection
• When using the optional annex, the side panel of the awning remains in place as a divider between the annex and the awning
• Annexes are designed to fit on either the left or right-hand side of the awning
• Fitted with Quick Lock profile
• Fitted with Safe Lock System

Optional extras:
• Annex tall
• Inner tent annex
• Partition wall to be used between the two front panels
• Verandah pole
• 2 extra stormpoles for extra stability
• Quick Lock pads
• Safe Lock System kit